"Stella spends most weekends hiking with Bobby. They go in the morning for about three hours. She walks to the trailhead on a leash then hikes freely never out of sight of Bobby. She likes road trips, spending many weekends visiting my daughter in Vt. They have favorite hikes there too. One of the pics shows her sleeping close to my face, she is an amazing snuggler. One has to be careful when walking because she is always close by sometimes sitting on your feet if standing still. Stella is so inquisitive. One photo is of her with her paws on the bathtub- she wasn't sure what I was doing without her. Stella learned very quickly. She is our new baby now that our children are grown"

-Barb & 'Juke' from Remi Litter 3

"Here are some shots of Teddy (Magnus). He is a great, loving and playful dog. We can't imagine our home without him"

-Mary & 'Magnus' from Remi Litter 1

"Sara- as I hear about the two new litters I can only think back three years ago when we got our first Aussie from you. Teddy is the calmest most loving creature imaginable. He is still into agility, he is incredibly easy to train and incredibly attached to me. I cannot think of a better dog to have as a companion and family member."

-Nancy, 'Ace' & 'Belle' from Remi Litter 1 & 2

"He's such an amazing dog. We love him so much. He is so handsome!"

-Veronica & 'Peta' from Remi Litter 3

"When looking for an aussie puppy so glad I stumbled upon Highland Haven Breeders. They were so close to home and Sara and her family are devoted to breeding awesome Australian Shepherds. The lucky pups are well cared for and have a wonderful nurturing environment as they grow and get ready for their forever homes. Sara loves her aussies even after they leave the nest--"

-Kristen, JoAnn & 'Annie' from Remi Litter 2

"Sweet, beautiful AND smart- our Sammie has it all going on!! Everyone who meets her is smitten and we can't imagine our house without her!!"

-Carlee & 'Chuckie' from Remi Litter 1

"She has made a beautiful contribution to our family... just as you said; she is an absolute love and velcro dog with Mama, protector of her little girl, and play pal for Daddy! We adore her!!!"

- Kim & 'Peanut' from Remi Litter 3