Our Females


AKC/ASCA Highland Haven's Don't Stop Believin'

Black Bi Color
AKC number DN686250XX
DOB: 09/16/2021
Weight: 45
Height: 21in

CEA: Clear

DM: M/n (one copy)

HA: clear

HC: clear

PRA-PRCD: clear

MDR1: clear

Journey is our newest female. She is a BET (blue eye) carrier and red factored. We hope to see some black bi and tris with blue eyes out of this girl. She has a litter with Ty available now


AKC/ASCA Highland Haven's Twiggy

Blue Merle
AKC number DN679306XX**
DOB: 06/09/2021
Weight: 42lbs
Height: 20in

CEA: clear

DM: clear

HA: clear

CMR1: clear

HC: clear

PRA-PRCD: clear

MDR1: n/M (one copy)

Twiggy is our up-and-coming girl out of Vivian and Deacon. She is extremely intellegent and inquisitive. We have big plans for this girl. She has produced one gorgeous litter for us in Feb ’23



AKC Whiskey Runs American Honey

Blue Merle
AKC number DN481934**
DOB: 12/03/2016
19in at shoulder
CD: n/n CEA: n/n CMR1: n/n HC: n/n MDR1: n/n PRA-PRCD: n/n

Vivie is extremely sweet, mellow and loves everyone. She is complete out-cross and can only be bred to Deacon. She is a proven female and produced two nice litters for us.



AKC Highland Haven's Meadow

Red Tri Color
AKC number DN454923**
DOB: 03/24/2016
21in at shoulder

CD: n/n CES: n/CEA CMR1: n/n DM: n/DM HC: n/n MDR1: n/n

Meadow is the daughter of Remi and is high energy, athletic and very affectionate. She has produced two gorgeous litters with Ty.



AKC Broken Branch's Heartache's Remedy

Black Tri Color
AKC number DN358801**
DOB: 02/21/2013
20in at shoulder

CD: n/n CEA: n/n CMR1: CMR1/n DM: n/n HC: n/n MDR1: n/M1

Remi is a petite, fine-boned and sensitive girl. She is an amazing mother who passes on her beauty, intelligence and athleticism to her offspring. She produced four wonderful litters for us.